Connecting with a horse offers the unique opportunity for a highly interactive and engaging learning experience, but it’s not about riding. In fact, there is no riding involved and you don’t need any previous horse experience. Just a natural curiosity and willingness to play in the moment with a horse and explore the possibilities.

  • An experience that leaves a lasting impression.
  • Learning as unique and personal as each woman.
  • Inspiring and supporting core values that lead to a strong connected family.
  • Learning that challenges women and families to be authentic.
  • Experiencing the power behind attitude and intent.
  • Learning to read the messages behind emotion.
  • Exploring forgiveness and breaking free.
  • Acquiring insight to nonverbal cues and unconscious behavior patterns.

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So people can experience healing
with their own horses…



How Horses Can Help

Linda Kohanov gives a wonderful explanation of how it is that horses help create positive and healing change in people.

Horses are consummate facilitators of human development. The size of such an animal alone inspires a heightened state of awareness. These intelligent, sensitive creatures respond to both positive and negative changes in the handler’s behavior, offering people constant feedback and timely rewards or consequences for their actions.

Horses are social creatures that readily and honestly respond to the challenges inherent in forming and sustaining relationships. As animals that are preyed upon in nature, they have also retained a highly developed ability to sense changes in the stance and arousal level of other herd members, an ability they easily transfer to interactions with human beings.

Horses see through the slightest incongruities of emotions and intention, yet they are exceedingly patient and forgiving. Through a series of specially designed activities, participants deepen awareness of personal issues, core feelings and areas of bodily tension that inhibit their ability to reach their true potential.

A tremendous boost in self-esteem and confidence comes from learning how to establish boundaries and direct a thousand pound creature through mental focus, creative visualization and clarity of intent. These s kills, which can be difficult to reach in a conventional classroom or counseling session, have far ranging applications linked to increased success in personal relationships, career and parenting.

Firmly grounded in God’s love, Horses Refining Hearts partners with horses to challenge all women to be authentic and reconnect to self. We believe that this partnership illustrates how faith, trust, forgiveness, emotional agility, effective communication and clear expectations, are the foundation of individual healing and growth.

"I was able to participate in the Equine Experiential Learning program and was amazed by the connection and experience with the horses. I went in somewhat skeptical, but came out with some deep insights into myself. It was a great start to some healing that I needed in my life. I would recommend “Horses Refining Hearts“ to anyone who needs a different sort of vehicle or outlet for their lives."

P. LaRose

"Crystal is able to listen and hear, what is said from student and has good understanding of body language. I have enjoyed very much my classes with much to reflect on. Horses are a very good learning tool."

L. May

"I wanted to send a note to thank you for the most incredible experience on Friday. I talked about it all weekend long to anyone who would listen. The experience was exactly what I needed to help me to deal with current personal challenges and to also address personal development goals that I have in my business life. I found the experience helped me with self awareness, being present in the moment (something I struggle with a lot), and also gave me a very strong spiritual connection. It also showed me the value in sitting back and letting things happen rather than always trying to make things happen."

C. Carrel

All referals are tenderly cared for.

We may not use a couch, but it’s not all horse play.

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