Providing every horse with support to decompress, release stress and peel back the accumulation of compensatory patterns, releasing those limitations in the soft tissue, while promoting a relaxed range of motion.

I am currently enrolled as a Practitioner Student with Equi-Bow Canada to learn the Equi-Bow Bodywork Technique, a form of neuromuscular re-patterning. You can learn more about Equi-Bow and how it addresses the nervous system to bring about change within the body by visiting the main website, or by visiting their FB or IG accounts.

If you’re interested in experiencing this technique with your own horse, I am now accepting case study clients who will receive free bodywork sessions as I work towards my certification requirements. Please contact me to learn more about case study appointment availability.

"Zara, my mare, totally enjoyed & appreciated her Equi-Bow sessions with Crystal. Crystal was gentle & sensitive to how Zara was feeling. I felt very comfortable with the sessions Crystal had with Zara. Zara says thanks!"

J. Tizzard

"Crystal Johnson came out and worked on Tilly and Malone, doing equibow sessions. I honestly did not expect to see such a difference in the 3 sessions she had with them. The horses thoroughly enjoyed having her out. Their muscles looked more relaxed, they even looked more hydrated the next day and had a “fuller” appearance. I would recommend that anyone try this with their horses, at least a few sessions and be sure to call Crystal to do it! It took until the 2nd session, but she won Tilly’s approval and that was enough to convince me that it was making her feel better!"

A. Chaulk

"Crystal worked on my 31 year old arthritic quarter horse. While he was on medication to help with his arthritis, I was looking for anything further that could make him feel more comfortable. I watched his sessions with Crystal… and noticed how in tune she was with his signals. She could instantly tell when she was working on one of his really tough spots, and also when he would finally give in and release some tension. He always looked more relaxed after his sessions. Most of all I could tell how much Crystal cares about the horses she is working on. She is always thinking of ways to help them find more comfort… and really goes above and beyond for the horse’s well being. Highly recommend Crystal!"

J. Challis


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