Our small private leased facility is not fancy. The historic bank barn is simple. These grounds are unable to compete with the local elite competition. We do not have an arena. We do not offer lessons, training or public trail rides. This is not a business atmosphere.

Why choose us?

  • Simply for simplicity.
  • Boarders financial investment is taken seriously and reinvested.
  • Management works diligently to meet the needs of human and horse.  

How can a simple barn like ours keep the competition on their toes? 

We have HEART! Our hearts are unmatched. Our family is educated, experienced and supportive.

Equi-Bow Practitioner “In Training” On-Site

Bemer Sessions Available

Reduced Co-op/DIY rates available. Please contact us for more information.

What We Offer

Small Group Turnout

Large Grassy Paddocks

Spacious Shelters

Quality Round Bales

24/7 Access to Water & Clean Salt

A.M Grain & Supplements

Ample Room for Tack

6 Stall Barn for General Use

Fields & Trails for Hacking

Bring Your Own Vet/Farrier

Friendly, Drama-Free Atmosphere

All Horses Treated As-Own

"I have noticed that my horses health have improved since moving them to Equine Acres. Before my ponies coat was dull and thin. Since being with Equine Acres they have grown a shinier coat, thicker tail and mane. Their transition was impeccable with the support from Equine Acres. It did not take them long at all to adjust and with the continuous help and support, they have become comfortable and happy in their new home. We are grateful to have found Equine Acres. We have peace of mind that our horses are always properly looked over and cared for, every single day."

J. Richardson

"I’ve been boarding my yearling at Equine Acres for a few months now and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a boarding facility. My horse has been taken care of so well and the owner cares for him as her own."

F. Mirenzi

"Equine Acres is an amazing place to board your horse! Crystal goes above & beyond to make sure the horses are super well cared for & happy! She makes sure the owners are happy & comfortable there too & has always done so much not only for our injured pony but for our family as well. Its beautiful & peaceful on the property & a lovely, drama free way to spend quality one on one time with your horse. It's also affordable! If you're looking for amazing care for your horse & a beautiful, peaceful way to spend your time with them, this is definitely the place to be!"

K. Hardy

"I have had both of my horses at Equine Acres since it opened. The calm, zero drama atmosphere has been unmatched at any other boarding barn in my experience. Crystal ensures individualized care for all of the horses here. There is a dry lot and fat pony friends available for my Shetland if he requires some strict dieting. The free choice, excellent quality hay for my tough keeper thoroughbred, keeps him dappled and at an ideal weight. My geldings, my daughter and myself would not go anywhere else for outdoor board!"

N. Warren

"It’s been such a peaceful experience at Equine Acres for not only Bert but myself also. Crystal & all the ladies really go the extra mile to make sure our babies are safe & catered to."

E. Wilson

"Equine Acres in Innisfil offers boarding at a very reasonable cost and you can't beat the peaceful atmosphere. Large fields with small herds and happy horses. I never worry about my horses if I can't make it out!"

C. Johnson

Equine Acres


(416) 520 - 3805


Innisfil, Ontario